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Do you know Power BI?

by Eric Kraus

If you’re not up on the latest from Microsoft in the business intelligence space, check out this quick 2 minute video. It’s amazing the amount of innovation that is going into analytics and visualizations. Many people have said Excel is “one of the best, most critical BI tools we have”. Microsoft is now taking BI to the next level.

Here’s the shortest, most thorough overview of the tools available in Power BI.  At the core, it’s the features in Excel that you’ve come to know over the last few years. Features like PowerQuery, PowerView, PowerMap and Power Q&A and now with Office 365, a single place for users to share and collaborate on important data.

Microsoft has recently combined the power of all of these tools into a single, simple tool called Power BI Desktop, making it easier than ever to leverage personalized analytics to help you be more productive.

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